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Workshops 2021

"I Don’t Want to Burden Others With My Own Emotions"
Why emotional sharing is so important in our lives.

Am I Allowed to Feel Pleasure?
How a serious commitment to pleasure can keep us sane during the pandemic.Type your paragraph here.

Love or Projections?
When love is giving what you don't have to someone who doesn't want it.

In collaboration with the philosophy department at California State University I am happy to invite you to join the following webinars on bioethics at 8:00am San Francisco Time

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Marjolein Oele

University of San Francisco

Plants and Affectivity: The Middle-Voiced Lives of Plants

February 1 2021 (click here to connect)

Ignacio Quepons

University of Mexico

The condition of Vulnerability

February 8 2021 (click here to connect)

Christos Hadjioannou

University of Cyprus

Reflection on Anxiety

March 1 2021 (click here to connect)

Roxana Baiasu

Oxford University

Phenomenology of Illness, Resilience, and Well-Being

March 15 2021 (click here to connect)

Frederic Gilbert

Tasmania University

The ethics of implantable brain-computer interfaces

April 19 2021 (click here to connect)

Brian Earp

Yale University

Shaping Children's Bodies: The Case of Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting

April 26 2021 (click here to connect)

Angela Martin

University of Basel

Animal Ethics

May 10 2021  (click here to connect)

Francesca Brencio

University of Sevilla

Mental Well-Being

May 17 2021 (click here to connect)